Mental Wellness

Each month we release a new video package that offers support and guidance for employee mental health and wellbeing issues in the modern workplace:

  • 15 minute full presentation video
  • 3 x 5 minute dramatised case studies
  • 20 minute podcast
  • Written support guide
  • Top tips video
  • Exclusive articles
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A new video support package every month

Our mental wellness support video calendar has a very simple purpose. It ensures that recognising, understanding and managing mental health at work stays at the top of the agenda and demonstrates excellent employee care.

Real life case studies

A different focus each month centres around 3 dramatised case studies based on the experiences of real life employees who have been struggling with their mental health and work. Each scenario looks at understanding signs and symptoms and ways of dealing with them.

Who's it for ?

Our content is for businesses and organisations who care for their employees. It can be used across the workplace, including at the induction stage, to help support appraisals, staff reviews and team meetings. Or it can simply be available as a beneficial resource for staff to access on a 24/7 basis.

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Our Experts
Karl Simons
Karl is passionate about conserving human life throughout his vibrant career exceeding 30 years and has held many positions that have made a real impact on people’s working conditions. He is passionate about promoting the importance of mental health at work as a main aspect of overall employee health and safety....
Dr Judith Johnson
Dr. Judith Johnson is an HCPC-registered Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor based at the School of Psychology, University of Leeds. She is an expert in workplace wellbeing and her work has been featured on both national and international platforms. She is an advocate of promoting the importance of mental wellbeing and fitness in the workplace....

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