Helping managers to support the mental health and wellbeing of employees

Developing a positive culture towards mental health can boost morale and reduce absenteeism and staff turnover. It also goes a long way towards improving productivity and happiness in the workplace.

We help employers to develop a more positive working culture by providing their staff with new mental health content every month of the year.

The content helps employees to recognise everyday mental health conditions so that they can be understood and managed effectively at an early stage. Our platform is available 24/7 to encourage, facilitate and normalise discussions on mental health across the organisation.

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A snapshot of Gallantium
Resilient Workforce
Building resilience: Nurturing mental health in the workplace.
Empowered Employees
Empowering employees through mental health support and awareness.
Wellness Priority
Prioritize mental wellness for a happier, healthier workplace.
content programme
  • Managing mental health to create a healthier work environment and better performance.
  • Understanding mental health to promote better employee wellbeing.
  • Helping employees to recognise
    signs of deteriorating mental health
can benefit?
  • All contractors, fostering a supportive work enviro nment for independent professionals and external partners.
  • Across all organisations – business, public sector, voluntary sector.
  • Every team leader, manager and staff member
case studies
  • Identifying common mental health issues through dramatised case studies
  • Building team resilience through individual coping mechanisms.
  • Educating employees to recognise signs of deteriorating mental health.
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Our experts
Karl Simons
Karl is passionate about conserving human life throughout his vibrant career exceeding 30 years and has held many positions that have made a real impact on people’s working conditions. He is passionate about promoting the importance of mental health at work as a main aspect of overall employee health and safety....
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Dr Judith Johnson
Dr. Judith Johnson is an HCPC-registered Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor based at the School of Psychology, University of Leeds. She is an expert in workplace wellbeing and her work has been featured on both national and international platforms. She is an advocate of promoting the importance......
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Be kind to yourself

Peter Larkum is our MHFA (mental health first aid) instructor and public speaker. He regularly contributes to Gallantium and here he shows how we can be more kind to ourselves...