SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Seasonal depression is also sometimes known as winter depression because at that time of year there’s a lack of sunlight, and the weather can be dull, cloudy, damp and cold. It can leave us feeling low and under the weather (literally!) and affect our mood, emotions and general mental health. Ultimately we can experience low energy and even illness. Fortunately there are some practical ways that employees manage these recurring feelings to cope with the condition. Our expert presenters are on hand to explain how.


Case Studies

Cecili Graham
Understanding that long winter months can have a negative effect on ourselves can help us better prepare to face these times. It is a time to take extra care of ourselves both physically and mentally.
Sahil Elliott
When the high season of sales fall during the winter, once great personal sales figures start to fall. How can Sahil maintain his numbers during this time.
Anne Benson
Not being exposed to enough natural sunlight poses its own threat to our health and wellbeing. Taking the right steps towards combating the winter blues will help us cope during these times.

Top Tips


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