Proactive Mental Health Engagement

Many employers are accused of paying lip service to mental health rather than making demonstrable efforts to address real problems in the workplace. Gallantium allows them to provide tangible, proactive support.

Our platform regularly reaches out to employees and encourages them to access premium content that could be relevant and useful to them.


Accessing our Monthly Content

All of our subscribers get easy access to expert-driven content that includes videos, written support guides, podcasts, specialist articles, and more. We also share new dramatised case studies every month to ensure continued engagement.

Our free trial will give you a snapshot of the full range of content available for every month of the year.

Enabling your Staff

We make it easy to invite as many or as few staff members to the platform as you like. There’s also specialist content for managers and senior leaders that can be shared separately.

We email employees to keep them up to date with new articles and video content as they become available.


Measuring Effectiveness

We aim to reduce stigma and to normalise conversations around mental health, but that can be hard to quantify. Therefore our analytics tool is configured to show user engagement at a glance.

Over time the numbers will reveal where potential problems might lie so that managers will know where extra care and improvement is needed and can act.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. We can incorporate your brand identity into video and written content. Please ask Subscription Support for more details.

Yes. We will need to charge extra for this depending upon the scope of your request. Please ask one of our account managers for a quote.

Certainly. You can ask for a completely original programme or a hybrid of our existing content with some of your own ideas. You might for example want to further brand our video series by including (archive or new) footage filmed at your organisation. We will need to charge extra for this depending upon the scope of your request. Please contact one ask one of our team for a free consultation

Most definitely. We will consult with you and our expert advisors to create clinically-approved content according to your brief.   Please contact one of our team to get the ball rolling.

Yes. You can backdate the start of your subscription to the date of your first month’s download and we will start the annual subscription from that date and at the reduced rate of the annual subscription. We will issue an invoice for the difference in value.

We are not currently offering this option although it may change in the future. As an alternative though, we can accept monthly payments via approved credit or debit card.

It depends. For example, different limited companies would need their own individual licences, but it depends on the size. Please speak to one of our account managers to discuss tailored options.

We will help if we can. Please speak to one of our account managers who can advise.

Yes. All Gallantium content is copy-write protected and available for redistribution by third party agents through our affiliate partner program. All pricing will remain the same for our customers.