Gallantium Partner Program

Become an affiliate of Gallantium and earn generous commissions across our product range
What is the Partner Program?

The Gallantium Partner Program is the opportunity for you to become an affiliate of this company and to start making generous commissions promoting the services and products offered on the Gallantium website.

Often referred to as affiliate marketing, you will be provided with all the tools, training and support needed so that you can successfully promote our services to the people and companies who need them most.

The Process
Once you have registered, your application will normally be processed in under 72 hours and once approved you will be able to login to your affiliate dashboard and accept the partner program terms and conditions.
Within your affiliate dashboard you will find unique affiliate links that can be shared with our target audience plus you will have access to detailed training and support.
Your goal is to generate traffic and visits to the Gallantium website via your affiliate links. Once a visitor arrives on the website, we will do the rest and turn that visitor into a customer and when this happens you will be attributed with the sale and commission.
Potential Earnings?

Any enquiries that you bring to Gallantium via one of your affiliate links that we are then able to turn into a customer will earn you a 10% commission of whatever the total sale price is of that service or product sold. You can bring Gallantium as many potential customers as you wish with no restrictions on the amount of commissions you can earn.

Here is a real world example of what you can expect to earn.

If you referred to us someone who then went on to purchase a “Team Yearly” package at £1000, you would be in line for a 10% commission of £100 which would be paid to you as soon as we confirm payment from the customer.

And you can expect the same scenario with our “Group Yearly” and Enterprise Yearly” packages which would earn you £200 and £400 commissions respectively.

Ready to Join?
If you like the idea of becoming an affiliate and partner of Gallantium and the chance to associate yourself with a progressive company that supports mental health and wellbeing in the workplace and the chance to make generous and fast payout commissions then click the registration button.