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As an established video provider working in the education sector for nearly 20 years, our parent company Kennington Creative Group produced mental health content for leading organisations like the NHS, Public Health England, the Royal College of Psychiatrists and King’s College London.

We could see that there is now plenty of support available to employees in the form of direct training, mental health charities, EAP’s, and health and awareness apps. There’s also a considerable amount of information freely available online for anybody willing to look for it.

Despite all of this, it’s still the case in the UK that only 33% of workers are willing to discuss their mental health with managers, and similarly, only about a third of managers would be confident to discuss it with their employees.

Our team operates from Kennington Film Studios and includes in-house writers, creatives, content producers and strategists.

Future plans for Gallantium include development of content to cover more niche mental health conditions, a mobile app, and a new programme of support to provide better understanding of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


Andrew Greener

Andrew Greener has a creative and business background and founded Kennington Creative Group in 2004.

The business grew to encompass video content production for universities and leading brands, producing TV commercials, operating film and TV studios facilities in central London, and building new film / TV studios for clients around the UK and overseas. A successful management buyout in 2023 saw a large part of the business being sold. Andrew is focused solely on Gallantium of which he is the principle shareholder.

As well as winning many film, video and CSR awards (including TCM Classic Shorts, Cannes Dolphins, IVCA / Evcom Golds and Green Apple), Andrew helped to create mental health content for the likes of the NHS, Public Health England, M&C Saatchi and King’s College London.


The driving force behind research and development for Gallantium.

Andrew has long advocated that film/video is the best medium to build awareness of mental health in the workplace. His mission is to help ensure that conversations around mental health are understood and normalised across UK workplaces. Andrew has a keen interest in environmental issues and has been actively supporting Tusk Trust for the last 10 years by producing films for the annual Tusk Conservation Awards.

Our work


Our work for Tusk

We have been working with Tusk for 10 years, with Gallantium being one of the official sponsors of the 2023 Tusk Conservation Awards.

Our sponsorship comes in the form of creating film content that showcases the inspirational work of the conservation award winners from countries across Africa. In the wider context, the films serve to show potential donors just how much support for Tusk’s projects is needed.

With demand for ivory and rhino horn showing no sign of diminishing, and with competition for land between humans and wildlife only set to increase, the conservation battle in Africa cannot let up.

We support Tusk because the charity adopts a joined-up approach that balances animal conservation with the education of local communities and the need to protect fragile habitats across Africa. This is achieved by involving and empowering local communities so that they are sufficiently invested in pursuing conservation solutions themselves. It’s from such relationships that sustainable solutions grow.