Financial Wellness

Often overlooked, financial wellbeing at work can have a significant effect on overall employee. Employee debt can involve falling behind on mortgage or rent payments, overuse of credit cards, ignored utility bills, an unpaid loan, even county court judgements. It all means that an employee is struggling financially and that can easily lead to poor mental health and performance. Financial wellness benefits everyone and our expert presenters show how employees can take positive action through effective planning, and how managers can sensitively support employee financial wellness too.


Case Studies

Sajid Khan
Already living with a diagnosed history of general anxiety, Sajid has put himself under increasing pressure at work following promotion to a new management role.
Matt Shadwell
On returning to his construction role following the pandemic, Matt has difficulty adapting to more rigorous compliance procedures and faster turnarounds.
Lauren Smith
Newly graduated Lauren has landed a prestigious job with an insurance firm, but she soon starts to feel out of her depth in the professional working environment.

Top Tips


Employee Financial Wellness

These days, financial worries can be a significant source of stress for employees in the UK workspace. With living costs

Money problems affecting work

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