Social Anxiety

Generally-speaking humans are social animals but there are times when some of us have a fear of socialising. Many people might be shy or uncomfortable about meeting new people and can find it hard to be themselves in new situations, for instance like the first day of work. Signs of social anxiety go beyond just being socially awkward. People can have limited communication skills and if they find it difficult to form relationships they won’t be so confident at collaborating or sharing ideas. If people experience social anxiety at work they might suffer in silence and could easily be misunderstood. Ultimately this could leave them feeling isolated and excluded. Managing social anxiety will help us to shine at work and our expert presenters explain some important techniques.


Case Studies

Lucille Connor
Social situation can pose an additional layer of complexity to someone who is shy by nature. In most cases, it is possible to manage these feeling with the right tools and support.
Dawin Altair
It is a real dilema when your work role requires you to have constant communications with multiple people on a daily basis. New added responsibilities coupled with changes to what used to be the norm is a recipe for disaster.
Johanne Bertrum
Avoiding any and all social occasions is normal. But by doing so, one can miss out on crucial aspects of work, mainly understanding your colleagues.

Top Tips


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