Most of us probably think that work stress is a normal thing. So long as there is general work enjoyment and good time management then dealing with stress at work should be manageable and could even help to drive better performance. However it doesn’t take much to tip the scale and more severe work stress symptoms need to be recognised so that staff are not over worked or reaching breaking point. If managers are to reduce sick leave brought about by undue tension, they need to adopt strategies for managing stress in the workplace so that the workload is achievable and productivity maximised. Our expert presenters are on hand to explain how.


Case Studies

Cassandra Gomez
Responsible for most of the new recruitment, the onboarding and induction processes, as well as all of the usual admin support in a company that is growing exponentially, Cassandra wonders if she has lost her edge.
Hamza Chen
Event planning is fraught with potential problems but Manuela appears to have everything under control. Underneath though, she silently rages at the day to day frustrations of the job until her assigned mentor offers practical advice.
Yasmin Evans
Yasmin has been managing her own successful small business for almost eight years now. She is realising now that the fabrics used on a daily basis are a lot more capable of handling stress than most. Overcoming one challenge only leads to another one and growth can be very tiring.

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