Anger in the workplace is the one mental health condition that constitutes unacceptable behaviour.
Angry outbursts, shouting, bullying, being too confrontational – these can all lead to disciplinary action. The modern workplace is a demanding space to be in and things don’t always go according to plan, so perhaps a little frustration and anger at work is inevitable. However, it’s always important to be respecting colleagues. Those who are naturally hot headed or easily annoyed, or perhaps prone to losing their temper, should look seriously at anger management. Our expert presenters show how we can be working on anger issues at work, not only how we can control anger, but also how we can reduce the situations that trigger it in the first place.


Case Studies

Jamie Sinclair
As a newly-promoted head chef, Jamie tries to instil discipline across the kitchen staff but resorts to bullying behaviour to get his own way. He eventually learns that a more sympathetic management style yields better results.
Manuela Quijano
Event planning is fraught with potential problems but Manuela appears to have everything under control. Underneath though, she silently rages at the day to day frustrations of the job until her assigned mentor offers practical advice.
Stuart McGee
Hoping for a position on the board, company accountant Stuart is aiming for perfection. When he suspects that other team members are letting him down his intolerance leads to angry outbursts that need to be controlled.

Top Tips


The high cost of workplace anger: How to manage your emotions for professional success

Think of the last time someone lost their temper in your workplace. Shouting at a colleague, walking out on meetings,

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