Most of us probably think that work stress is a normal thing. So long as there is general work enjoyment and good time management then dealing with stress at work should be manageable and could even help to drive better performance. However it doesn’t take much to tip the scale and more severe work stress symptoms need to be recognised so that staff are not over worked or reaching breaking point. If managers are to reduce sick leave brought about by undue tension, they need to adopt strategies for managing stress in the workplace so that the workload is achievable and productivity maximised. Our expert presenters are on hand to explain in more detail.

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Case Studies

Cassandra Gomez
Just as a new recruitment drive starts a key team member in the HR department quits and Cassandra has to take on additional tasks. Despite trying to cope with the increased workload, eventually she has to bypass her line manager to get support.
Hamza Chen
Due to heavy workloads and financial pressure, running a successful dental practice can be difficult and Hamza is beginning to make mistakes. When he realises his partners are also struggling, they work at a solution to ease the burden.
Yasmin Evans
Managing a growing enterprise has unique challenges and Yasmin is finding that her cushion e-commerce business is becoming too stressful. She goes against her instincts and forces herself to take time out and work on a new personal plan.

Top Tips

Breaking up tasks into smaller nameable tasks can help us better manage our effort


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