Today’s work practices like remote working, hybrid working or having to work from home for example, will mean that more people are working in isolation more then ever before. Working on your own often means that some of the team dynamics are lost. Remote employees can feel excluded, like they’re the odd one out and all alone. Work relationships are important and any return to work will have a beneficial effect. Our expert presenters take us through some case studies where employees who were feeling isolated at work were able to take simple but effective steps to overcome them.


Case Studies

Peggy Ibarra
Being in the centre of a vibrant office has been a mixed experience. Feeling that there is not enough support can lead to feelings of isolation.
Natalie Garding
New work environments can be a challenge to anyone. Especially for someone who has been away from work for an extended period of time.
Bartosz Nguyen
Working remotely has its benefits. What happens when you suddenly feel that you are all alone in tackling problems while everyone else seem to be doing just fine.

Top Tips


Four Ways To Manage Workplace Anxiety

Anxiety is common, affecting more people globally than any other mental health disorder. There are a range of anxiety related disorders,but

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