Dr Judith Johnson

Dr Judith Johnson is an HCPC-registered Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor based at the School of Psychology, University of Leeds. She is an expert in workplace wellbeing and her work has been featured on both national and international platforms. She is an advocate of promoting the importance of mental wellbeing and fitness in the workplace. Her research shows that happier employees perform better.

Judith has been awarded over £1million in research funding and has published over 60 research articles in high impact journals. She has developed the first pro-active psychological programme, Reboot, to support healthcare staff to cope with stressful events. She is an experienced facilitator and coach for professionals seeking occupational support. Her work has received worldwide recognition and has been featured in the Guardian newspaper, BBC Breakfast News and BBC News 24. It has also had strategic policy impact, informing documents issued by the World Health Organization and the British Medical Ultrasound Society.

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