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What are the issues that most commonly affect employee mental wellness, and consequently performance, in the workplace?

In finding the answers to this question for this year’s Gallantium Mental Wellness Calendar the team drew inspiration from the advice from our own experts working in the field, the amount of online forums dedicated to each subject, and the most popular search terms entered on Google.

Broadly speaking, we’re confident we found the areas that cause most concern for employers and their staff and the monthly content on the calendar means the subject of mental fitness constantly can be kept firmly on the agenda throughout the year. Even so, it was clear from our research that there are many, many more issues surrounding employee mental health that demand attention. Either they are so commonplace as to be easily ignored and glossed over, adjusting to new paternity or suffering the anxiety of approaching retirement for example, or they are deemed so unusual or niche as not to merit any airtime at all. Human mental wellness is extremely complex but most organisations simply do not have the time and expertise to cater to every single aspect of the mental condition.

Whilst internal dedicated training and mentorship may not be practical for every subject, it is of course possible to supply resources that raise awareness of a wide range of potential conditions. These can be of direct use not only to sufferers but also to their colleagues, line managers and leadership teams. Support can include:

  • Online forums & support communities
  • Written guidance materials
  • Video case studies
  • Visiting specialists to the workplace
  • Local support groups

Prime considerations will always be the amount of time that can be devoted to these activities during working hours. How much will each of them cost to deliver? Which of these can be most practically disseminated and shared, and how much impact will each of them have? The answers to these questions should inform any HR strategy where mental health and wellbeing is being seriously addressed.

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