Work-life Balance

A happy workforce means less staff turnover and increased productivity. Whilst it’s natural that employees will spend a significant amount of time at work, modern work life can sometimes cause us to be very focussed on our career. That could leave us spending long hours each workday and finding it very hard to switch off. Being a workaholic can result in little time for a holiday or significant time off, and family life can suffer. Ultimately this can have a negative impact on performance too, because we all need time to re-energise. Having a healthy life balance between home and work means we can enjoy our personal life too. The individual benefits and the team benefits. Our expert presenters offer excellent advice on the subject.


Case Studies

Released on 1st of August, 2023
Released on 1st of August, 2023
Released on 1st of August, 2023

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Understanding and Supporting Each Stressed Worker: Tips for HR & People Leaders

Pressure and stress come's with most of our jobs. That's the reality we all face. Whether you work in a

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