Financial Wellness

Often overlooked, financial wellbeing at work can have a significant effect on overall employee. Employee debt can involve falling behind on mortgage or rent payments, overuse of credit cards, ignored utility bills, an unpaid loan, even county court judgements. It all means that an employee is struggling financially and that can easily lead to poor mental health and performance. Financial wellness benefits everyone and our expert presenters show how employees can take positive action through effective planning, and how managers can sensitively support employee financial wellness too.

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Case Studies

Gail Wilcox
When her husband was diagnosed with a serious illness, Gail had to take time out of work. Without their combined income, bills went unpaid and debts mounted up. It took a while before Gail was ready to talk about her difficulties and find solutions.
Tom Murphy
A milestone birthday encouraged Tom to sink his savings into buying a flat, but changing circumstances made repayments difficult. The ensuing worry caused Tom’s mental health to decline but professional debt counselling offered a way forward.
Shannay Adembe
Retail therapy can get out of control as Shannay, new to London, soon found out. She knew she was making poor choices and her self-esteem took a hit until she made a conscious effort to take control and keep her spending in check.

Top Tips

Financial stress can be extremely harmful. It can affect our ability to concentrate and make good decisions. Recognising the problem and striving to find practical solutions will go a long way in managing your financial wellness.


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