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Driving positive mental health and wellness in the workplace.

On the first working day of each month we release a 15 minute video package covering a topic that explores potential employee mental health and wellness issues in the modern workplace. This package also includes three case study videos, a podcast and supporting written guidance for further reading.


Financial Wellness

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Workplace Anxiety

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Loneliness in the workplace

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Work-Life Balance

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Social Anxiety

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Januarys's Video

Financial Wellness

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Often overlooked, financial wellbeing has a significant effect on overall employee mental health and work

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When it comes to our finances, January is typically the month when our chickens come home to roost.

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A new video
support package
every month

Our mental wellness support video calendar has a very simple purpose. It ensures that awareness of mental wellness in the workplace stays on the agenda every month of the year by offering fresh new insights and advice. In other words, it doesn’t allow for the important subject of mental health to be raised once a year, perhaps perceived as a simple box-ticking exercise, only to be forgotten.

We produce new content every month to ensure that employees are consistently supported throughout the year.

Real life
case studies

The core content for each month features a 15 minute video with three supporting case study videos all drawn from real life and covering a range of common conditions that can affect anyone. The videos and accompanying written materials can all be supplied in our clients’ own branding and presentation format.

The content is simplicity itself to brand, access and distribute amongst staff. New content is automatically delivered on the first working day of every month – for a whole year. Managers can be secure in the knowledge that each subject has been thoroughly researched, scripted and approved by leading experts in their field.

Who is it for?

Our content can be used across the workplace, including at the induction stage, and to help support appraisals, staff reviews and team meetings. Or it can simply be available as a beneficial resource for staff to access on a 24/7 basis.

Any organisation that promotes awareness of good mental health throughout the year is taking an important, active step towards cultivating a healthy, happy and motivated workforce. Staff feel noticed and cared for. Absenteeism falls, creativity flourishes and performance improves across the whole organisation.

Our Experts

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Karl Simons


Karl is currently Executive Director – Health, Safety & Wellbeing for UK IT Award-winning AI business FYLD. He’s worked across all continents and numerous safety critical industries.

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Dr Judith Johnson


Dr Judith Johnson is a HCPC-registered Clinical Psychologist based at both the School of Psychology, University of Leeds, and the Bradford Institute for Health Research.

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Our Offer

We offer flexible annual subscription payment options. You can access off the shelf content in minutes with your own visual branding and specific messaging included. You can even commission bespoke videos for your organisation to marry up our expert insight with your own unique work culture.

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Could you be our next location?

If your organisation would be able to facilitate a one day shoot for a video case study we would love to hear from you. To thank you for your support a subscription discount will apply.


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3rd March 2022

Loneliness in
the Workplace

When was the last time you felt lonely, and who did you talk to about it?

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12th January 2022

Understanding Mental Fitness

We have come a long way since even the suggestion of a mental health problem was a taboo subject.

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